Wednesday, July 11, 2012


BioMat Poka Poka Jewelry Belt

New Product now Available!

BioMat Poka Poka Jewelry Belt
Heated belt which harnesses the healing powers of Infrared Rays from 8 different kinds of jewels (extracted). Contains Amethyst, Green Jade, Black Tourmaline, Topaz, Crystal, Tiger Eye, Citrine and Elvan. The Biomat Poka Poka Jewelry Belt has eleven layers. Use it on hard to treat parts, great for relieving lower back, waist, leg and knees, arm and shoulder pain. Portable for vacations or at work, or use it while watching tv or while driving.

Comes in regular size which measures 54" in total length for the wrap, and xtra large. $500 + $30 s/h
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