Friday, May 14, 2010

New Product - Bamboo Salt

Last week Richway announced a new item that will be added to the product line - Bamboo Salt.

Mr. Calvin Kim, founder of Richway, discovered this pure salt during his recent trip to Japan. Many RichWay Japan distributors are incorporating this pure salt with using the BioMat and are reporting great results. Bamboo Salt works as a partner with the Far Infrared to enhance the effects of the light rays. RichWay will mail a month supply to all RichWay distributors to try this new and essential product. Mailings expected to begin by the end of May.

What is Bamboo Salt?
Bamboo Salt is very pure in form without any chemicals. Salt is placed inside bamboo trees and heated to more than 1600 degrees Celsius... a temperature so hot that it can melt iron. They process the salt in this manner for nine times and the finished product is Pure Bamboo Salt. It is different than table salt and doesn't have the same taste.

Here is a brief outline on how to use Bamboo Salt, mix one-third to half-teaspoon of salt in one glass of water:
(1) Morning time: use BioMat with highest temperature 40 minutes.
(2) Evening time: same as morning time.
(3) Sleeping time: any lowest 3 temp settings for more than 8 hours.

More details and information to come. The free Bamboo Salt samples are being sent so you can try it and pass along the information and, more importantly, your own experience with the Bamboo Salt to your customers.

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