Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is a reminder blog for all distributors:
All distributors sell Biomat products for the same price. When RichWay International began selling the Biomat people were selling the Biomat at different prices, people were undercutting each other and creating issues and bad vibes between sellers. The Biomat is an incredible healing product created with healing intent, good kharma and positive energy. So Richway setup the distributor program and binary system, and everyone sells the Biomat for the same price so no-one is undercutting anybody. This is company policy.
If someone is selling a Biomat for less than retail, then it may be a used biomat, and may be out of warranty. If a distributor is selling a new Biomat for less than the retail price then the purchaser will lose all rights to warranty, and cannot become a distributor. The distributor may lose their distributorship.

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