Monday, November 17, 2008

On Nov. 4th, we did have an historic presidential election. However, I disagree with the significance. In my opinion we did not elect the nations first African-American President. What we did as a nation was elect the country's first mixed race President. Barrack Obama's mother is white or caucasion, and his father was Kenyan. To me this is 50-50. Who is to say that this can be signified by one race over another? I thought race was not suppose to be an issue anymore, that race was almost an obscene word. We are suppose to be a nation of all colors. So I am not trying to claim Barrack as a white President just because his mother was white. I feel that he is the nation's first mixed race President. That's it. No race claim at all. He is a President of all colors. I don't know Barracks mothers' heritage nor his fathers' heritage, but he is not all 1 race which is what calling him the nations first African-American or black President carries with it.

This is my opinion, this does not represent the opinion of RichWay International. I am a distributor of RichWay International products and this is my personal Blog. I use it as a way to get information to my distributors and potential distributors and customers. It is just my personal opinion, and I hope that by expressing my own personal opinion does not reflect on someone's decision about whether or not to learn about or purchase the incredible health product that the Biomat is.

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