Saturday, November 18, 2006

"NEW" Rejuvena

A 'NEW' Rejuvena came out in July/August this year. It is $550 and uses a Vitamin 'C' spray instead of cremes that comes with the Rejuvena. It comes as a complete set and additional spray is available.

Three state-of-the-art techniques used in facial spa treatments are combined in the Rejuvena. This system has been developed for men and women of all skin types and ages. Ultrasonic Micro-vibrations, Galvanic technology, and Cinematic Technology. Ultrasonic Micro-vibrations generate 30,000 ultra-vibrations per second, exfoliating dead cells to gently reveal youthful, fresh skin.

The ultrasonic function of the New Rejuvena whisks away dead skin and surface cells to reveal fresh layers of skin, where pores are not nearly as visible as before. Through this effect, what becomes visible is often a marked change in one's own pore structure. The smaller the pores, the more youthful a person appears.

The previous Rejuvena model was invented in 1999, and offered 30 ultrasonic micro-vibrations per second. The New Rejuvena offers 30,000 ultrasonic microvibrations per second. This greatly enhances both exfoliation and collagen restoration potential. Additionally, the New Rejuvena offers both the Galvanic and Ionzyme functions. The overall exfoliating function has been greatly enhanced to offer comparable results to expensive peels.

I will add more information about the 'NEW' Rejuvena soon.

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